The Guide to Gemstone Settings (3051)

by Anastasia Young

A complete and practical guide to setting precious and semi-precious
stones in any metal, The Jewellery-Maker's Guide to Gemstone Settings is a detailed, technical guide to stone-setting for jewellers and jewellery students. It explores traditional, modern, and experimental approaches to stone-setting, from the purely functional to design-led solutions for securing stones. It takes the reader through the entire process of setting stones from choosing a suitable stone and designing and making the setting to seating and setting the stone. The extensive setting techniques are combined with step-by-step demonstrations, precise diagrams and images of contemporary work from international jewellers. A comprehensive reference section featuring an illustrated glossary makes this book the essential stone-setting resource for both students and professional jewellers. Demonstrations produced using 3D modelling software provide the most up-to-date reflection of current practice and technology and allow explanations of skills and techniques to be presented with expert accuracy. The perfect resource for jewellers of all levels.

“Clear and well written with explanations supported by lots of illustrations and examples ... I couldn't find a technique that was missing and the range is impressive ... One of the joys of looking through a book like this is that it includes a really good variety of images to illustrate a point about design, choice of metals and stones, fabrication technique, or step-by-step instructions. The quality of the photography is excellent with rich colours and beautifully lit gems glowing on almost every page. The print quality has insured that none of the allure of sumptuous stones is lost.” – Findings: The Magazine of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery

208 Pages • color ill. • Format : 21.5 x 25 cm.
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