Gemstones - Terra Connoisseur (3054)

by Vladislav Y. Yavorskyy

It is a never-ending journey, this search to unfold the precious wonders of nature and the people who bring them to life. Gemstones, places, landscapes, mines and miners, art and history – they are all fused in an epic, kaleidoscopic romance.
This book is a celebration of the finest gems; luscious, gleaming, pure and clear, their natural beauty enhanced only by the cutter’s skill. Pick one up. Look at it. Really look at it. As your eyes take in the fire within it, let the stone work its magic – the magic that gems have worked over millennia. You can so easily “hold infinity in the palm of your hand”.
During the production period, the editorial team – alone or joined by other experts – ventured on a number of gem mining expeditions to take the most up-to-date shots, collect fresh specimens right from the source and see what was what in the world of gems.
Separate chapters on technical and social aspects of gemology: original approach and exciting presentation.
A unique series of photos showing a gem in its rough, preform and faceted stages by this universally acknowledged master cutter.
Over 260 authentic photos of gem mining, breathtaking landscapes and macro shots, people and nature, maps and drawings, artistic images and plenty of innovative designer tricks.
Over 2000 original gem photographs, of both faceted and rough, over 50 mineral specimens, jewelry and historical artifacts. The colors and sparkle of the gems strikingly naturalistic and tangible.
The book is designed to promote natural gemstones not only among connoisseurs, collectors and dedicated gem lovers but to a general audience, encouraging all individuals to learn about gemstones, enjoy their beauty and understand their value.

235 Pages • color ill. • Format : 25 x 26.8 cm.
Prix : CHF 100.00 • € 100.00