A Guide to Complicated Watches (1223)

by François Lecoultre

The most complete book informing on the technique of the complicated watches.Watch movements are often fitted with a variety of additional parts. These intricate mechanisms ca be classified in three distinct groups:a) Watches having one or more additional hands for time recordings;b) Watches with striking work;c) Watches giving astronomical data (calendar and date watches).These three types of mechanism are sometimes found combined in one and the same watch, which is then known as a Triple complicated Watch.Each of the above groups can, in its turn, be subdivided into different categories. In group (a) we find:1)seconds-beating watches2)Jumping Seconds watches
3)Minute Recording chronographs4)Flyback or Split-Secondschronographs (also called: double-acting, deploying or “return to zero”In group (b) we have:1)Quarter repeaters2)Five-minute repeaters3)Half-Quarter repeaters4)Minute repeaters5)Clock watchesIn group c we have :1)date watches2)Perpetual calendar watches3)Moon-phase watches4)Equation watches

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