Longines Watch Movements (1832-2007) Out of Print (1154)

by Patrick Lindner

At the Heart of an Industrial Vocation The design and manufacture of the watch movements are the core of Longines' industrial activities. The aim of this book is to provide an inventory of the many calibres developed by the winged hourglass brand from the mid-19th century up to the present day. While going through the various organisational mutations of the watch industry, Longines developed and revised its production methods, for which it had to create - or adapt - manufacturing technology. The movements built by the St. Imier company therefore constitute an entry point for outlining a different history of the firm that focuses on technical, commercial and sometimes human aspects. This work is an opportunity to discover the fruit of Longines' production and offers a detailed view of the ins and out of watchmaking. As the book advances, the question of the company's technical heritage is raised, for it has been by devoting its efforts to the development and manufacture of watch calibres that Longines has forged a watchmaking tradition, acquired its know-éhow and created new technology.

623 Pages • colour ill. • Format : 30 x 30 cm.
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