Gold and Platinum Rolex (Subscription) (11223)

Limited edition of 200 copies. Publication date: June 2016. E/I

In the book you will find:

Classic and shaped models (Among the most famous shaped watches are the Prince models and the square watch)
Oyster No Date (The Oyster case represents a milestone in the history of watchmaking. Invented by Rolex in 1926, it became the rst completely waterproof case for a wristwatch owing to the fact that the bezel, the case back, and the winding crown are all screwed against the “carrure”.)
Date and DateJust ( The Datejust was the rst selfwinding waterproof chronometer wristwatch. )
Day-Date (The Day-Date model was launched in 1956 with references 6510 and 6511).
Enamel dials (The enamel forms a vitreous waterproof coating and is used to decorate cases, bracelets, and dials.)
Masters (The term “Master” indicates the most important position aboard a ship; it means “principal,” or “leader,” and in the Rolex Universe the Masters represent the most complicated watches.)
Chronographs (push-back case, Oyster case and Daytona)
Submariner (With a sturdy stainless steel bracelet and an Oyster case in stainless steel as well, the Submariner was speci cally designed for underwater exploration and diving.)
GMT-Master (Originally designed for airline pilots, the GMT-Master is an Oyster model that is equipped not only with a special movement, but also with a hand which makes a complete rotation of the dial every 24 hours, as well as with a bidirectional rotating 24-hour graduated bezel.)
Yacht-Master (The Yacht-Master made its debut at Baselworld 1992. Known as the “sailors’ watch,” the rst Yacht-Master was available in only yellow gold).

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