WATCHES An Identification Manual for Contemporary and Collector’s Pieces (11161)

by Fabrice Guéroux

English Version
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Buying a previously owned watch can be a risky purchase. Fake watches are legion on the Internet and unscrupulous vendors are increasingly using this market place to sell their fraudulent products.
Few second-hand watch websites call upon true experts, which means that purchases are increasingly made at the buyer’s risk.
How to tell a true watch from a fake? That is exactly what you will discover in this third volume covering the main luxury watch brands, and above all providing specific documentation on the counterfeit market – which is constantly evolving and perpetually looking to make the perfect fake watch.
Enhanced knowledge of watchmaking and its flagship brands, along with an understanding of the fake market, will help you make the right decisions when buying a watch.

296 Pages • 294 color ill. • Format : 204 x 281 cm.
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