Time and a Lifetime, A Novel about one of Switzerland's Most Innovative and Creative Watchmakers (11135)

Vincent Calabrese

"It’s very easy to please others, but very hard to please yourself.” Such is the byword of Vincent Calabrese, one of the best-known creative watchmakers in the world today. Throughout his life he has never stopped trying to surpass himself. His famous creations (including those relating to the tourbillon and the karussel) have made a decisive contribution to the revitalization of the Swiss watch industry, and his watches demonstrate his unparalleled boldness as well as his aesthetic sensitivity.
But in these pages the reader will above all meet with a rare personality. Born into a poor family in Naples, Vincent has earned a prominent place in the watchmaking world. It is not just to his innovations, whose secrets he reveals in this book, that he owes his position, but every bit as much to his fierce determination, his philosophical and ethical standards, as well as his legendary broadsides directed as much at the profession itself as at the industry as a whole.
ISBN 978-2-940506-18-7

128 Pages • color ill. • Format : 16.5 x 23.5 cm.
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